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Superman Doomsday Animated Movie Review

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Superman Doomsday Animated Movie Review: Done by Rancel

Superman Doomsday Animated Movie Trailer

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Superman Doomsday Animated Movie is a 2007 American direct-to-video superhero film, partially adapted from the popular DC Comics storyline The Death and Return of Superman. It focuses on the death of Superman/Kal-El in his battle to the death with the genetically engineered Kryptonian Doomsday and his eventual return.

superman doomsday animated movie

Superman and Doomsday engage in the battle of the century! Superman Doomsday Animated Movie (2007)


The Superman Doomsday Animated Movie begins with a narration by Lex Luthor (James Marsters) saying, “There comes a time when even gods must die.” Lois Lane (Anne Heche) and Superman (Adam Baldwin) are then seen together in the “Fortress of Solitude” during a romantic scene. The workers from Lex Corporation are seen digging up a mysterious spacecraft. They inadvertently release a genetically engineered super soldier known as Doomsday. An alien message warned the workers to leave it alone and that the creature within is unstoppable. Doomsday kills the entire crew working at the site and begins a bloody rampage towards the heart of Metropolis. Superman leaves the Fortress of Solitude after his Robot servant (Tom Kenny) informs him of the creature’s rampage.

superman doomsday animated movie

Doomsday wearing Superman down.

Superman eventually kills the monster Doomsday after an epic and exhausting cross-city battle. Superman sacrificed his own life to do it. He nearly exhausted his lifelong supply of the yellow sun’s solar energy. Superman succumbs to his injuries after plunging downward from space into the streets of Metropolis with Doomsday in a submission hold after leaving Earth’s atmosphere. The world mourns his death and soon after a clone of Superman appears wearing his Kryptonian shield of justice and suit. Unfortunately for the people of Metropolis, this clone is under control of Lex Luthor and has a dark approach towards justice. He was created by Lex from a sample of Superman’s blood after his death. The body of the real Superman is being kept by Lex Luthor to make an army of Superman clones and for his own personal amusement.

superman doomsday animated movie

This is It! Looks like we’re both betting everything we’ve got on this one! For Lois… and Jimmy…For this entire city… I’ve got to put this guy away while I still can!

The robot retrieves the body of the real Superman at LexCorp. The robot revives him using Kryptonian technology. The robot says that he picked up a small energy reading of life from Kal-El. The human laws of death do not apply to him since he is Kryptonian, the robot explains. Superman is revived successfully, but requires a unique black colored Kryptonian suit to speed up absorption of solar energy. Superman dons the black suit and equips a gun with Kryptonite bullets. Superman requires the gun since his powers are only at %65 and at that level he can’t engage in an exhausting fight with his clone. Superman is aware of his clone’s misuse of his powers, heads to Metropolis, and eventually defeats his clone.

superman doomsday animated movie

Doomsday is dead.


superman doomsday animated movie

Superman is dead.


The Superman Doomsday animated movie had a lot of promise, but was not applied effectively. The movie is rather short at 75 minutes long. This in itself has a lot to do with the film leaving you with that this story is incomplete and rushed. Looking at it from a perspective of a person that wasn’t familiar with the Death and Return of Superman storyline from 1992-1993, they probably wouldn’t be disappointed after watching it. The movie has some decent voice acting, especially by Anne Heche (Lois Lane) and James Marsters (Lex Luthor). Anne Heche voice is sexy and does a good job of emulating the tough/smart personality that Lois Lane has in the comics. Adam Baldwin does a decent job at voicing Superman, but I prefer Tim Daly as the voice of Superman. Tim Daly handled the voice of Superman for the animated TV series 1996-2000.

Much like he was portrayed during the Death and Return of Superman storyline and some issues following after, Lex Luthor is slimy, sleazy, spiteful, psychotic, and deceptive. Known as the son of Lex Luthor during that time, he was actually a clone of the original Lex Luthor. This younger version had an athletic young body with a full head of red hair. Mr. Luthor seduced and was in a relationship with a protoplasmic clone version of Supergirl (Matrix) during that era. This clone version stuck around for a couple more years, till he was exposed and put on trial for his crimes in the comics. Lex Luthor was a real creep during that stretch.


superman doomsday animated movie

Funeral for a friend


superman doomsday animated movie

Kal-El being revived and regaining his strength from the Regeneration Matrix.


superman doomsday animated movie

Kal-El’s Black Kryptonian recovery suit.

The animation for Superman is rather odd and annoying, for some unknown reason the animators decided to give Superman two running lines down his cheeks. I don’t know whether that was used to show maturity (not give him a baby skinned face) or to show muscle in his face features. He looks too old. The creature Doomsday is drawn and animated well. The animators who worked on the Superman Doomsday animated movie retained his look from the comic book storyline. The heroic music that is heard during several scenes, defining Superman at his best is very cool. The highlight of the film and the usage of the theme song is when Superman realizes what he has to do to stop Doomsday after the monster is about to kill a little girl.

superman doomsday animated movie

One Shall Stand-One Shall Fall.

The Superman Doomsday animated movie is a disappointment, because it should have been made into 2 parts, like they did with Batman: The Dark Knight Returns animated movie (2012-2013). That is the only way to capture the epic nature of the Death and Return of Superman storyline for either in animated form or the big screen. Without the JLA, The Eradicator (The Last Son of Krypton), Superboy (Clone of Superman), Steel (John Henry Irons), The Cyborg Superman (Hank Henshaw), Supergirl (Matrix), Green Lantern (Hal Jordan), Mongul (Mr. Yellow Skinned beetle brow himself), and all the weird Kryptonian technology that The Eradicator has at the Fortress of Solitude such as “The Regeneration Matrix”, the adaptation will always be a letdown.

superman doomsday animated movie

Lois Lane is convinced.

Despite all these flaws, I still partially enjoy the Superman Doomsday animated movie. The brutality of the fight with Doomsday is captured well considering parts of Metropolis are destroyed. You can see Superman exhausting his energies and bleeding just like in the comics. The inclusion of his robot servant added some elements from the epic storyline, since his purpose and relationship with Kal-El is similar to The Eradicator (namely preserving Kryptonian life). The final fight between Superman and his clone was decent, although a bit short.

superman doomsday animated movie

The Kryptonian is back and better than ever!

Read the Superman/Doomsday: Hunter/Prey (1994) 3-part comic book miniseries for the origin of Doomsday. It will explain why Doomsday rampaged towards Metropolis and attacked Superman so viciously. Superman Doomsday the animated movie is decent for the curious. It may be best to rent (watch streaming on Netflix or other streaming services), not to buy.

The Eradicator

superman doomsday animated movie

The Eradicator, an ancient Kryptonian comprised of pure energy and over 200,000 years old. (Death and Return of Superman)

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Superman Doomsday Animated Movie Review
Superman/Doomsday Animated Movie Review: The 2007 released animated feature is inspired by DC Comics, Death and Return of Superman storyline 1992-1993. It has some alterations to the storyline and missing some characters; The Eradicator (an ancient Kryptonian comprised of pure energy and over 200,000 years old, who brings Superman from the dead and restores his powers at the end), The Clone (Superboy/Kon-El), Steel (John Henry Irons, a human wearing an armored suit), and The Evil Cyborg (Originally a human named Hank Henshaw, but now has part of Superman's DNA and can manipulate all forms of technology).

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