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The Antichrist 1974 Movie Review

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The Antichrist 1974 Movie Review: Done by Rancel

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antichrist 1974

Ippolita Oderisi is possessed by Satan! The Antichrist 1974 Movie


The Antichrist 1974 (aka L’anticristo) is a Italian Exploitation Horror film directed by Alberto De Martino. The film can be considered a sleazier version of the Exorcist. Mel Ferrer, Arthur Kennedy, and Carla Gravina star in this shocking film.


The Antichrist 1974 movie is about a young woman in a wheelchair named Ippolita Oderisi (Carla Gravina), who was paralyzed in a childhood accident. Ippolita is gifted with some psychic ability. After witnessing a possessed man jumping to his death at a religious festival, she begins to act strangely.

antichrist 1974

Carla Gravina as Ippolita Oderisi in The Antichrist 1974 Movie

Her father Massimo Oderisi (Mel Ferrer) begins an affair with another woman named Greta (Anita Strindberg). Ippolita sees it as a sign that god has abandoned her and puts her faith in Satan. Ippolita tells her uncle, Bishop Ascanio Oderisi (Arthur Kennedy) about whats been troubling her. He notices the strange behavior from Ippolita and says she needs to be watched closely. Bishop Ascanio attempts to get her paralysis healed.

A psychiatrist named Dr. Marcello Sinibaldi (Umberto Orsini) convinces her to try some experimental hypnosis; because he feels her paralysis is more mental than physical. After a big party, Dr. Marcello hypnotizes her, but instead memories of a previous life where she was a heretic and was burned to death at the stake flood her head. Ippolita is possessed by the Devil and begins spouting blasphemy, seducing local men, murdering people. Eventually the only solution to cure her madness is to undergo an exorcism performed by Father Mittner (George Coulouris).

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The Review

The Antichrist 1974 is a decent film to watch, but isn’t very original since it is essentially an Exorcist rip-off. The movie goes to great lengths to shock the viewer. It contains nudity, explicit sex scenes, foul mouth laced blasphemy dialogue, ridiculous scenes such as a woman performing oral anal sex on a goat during the orgy sequence, and a decapitated toad being eaten by Ippolita during a satanic ritual.

antichrist 1974

Mel Ferrer in The Antichrist 1974 Movie

The other shocking scene in the film is the seduction and murder of an German exchange student by Ippolita, which is as shocking as the murder of the schoolboy in the film “The Lair of the White Worm”. Ippolita ends up breaking the teenage exchange student’s neck. The foaming at the mouth and green bile that comes out of Ippolita’s mouth during her possession by the devil is disgusting. The bile looks similar to the stuff that was used on the Nickelodeon show from the 80’s called “Double Dare”.

My uncut version of the Antichrist 1974 DVD is distributed by Anchor Bay and is 112 minutes. The special effects for the film are cheap looking. Considering the age of the movie they are effective for the most part. The makeup job done on Ippolita to show the effects of her being possessed is excellent and she looks horrifying. The Antichrist 1974 is originally in Italian, but my Anchor Bay distributed DVD only has it in English. The dialogue for the first 8 minutes is in Italian.

The creepy musical score by Ennio Morricone is very good. I consider The Antichrist 1974 better than other Exorcist rip-offs. It is underrated and unfortunately not seen by many people. The movie is just a sleazier version of The Exorcist. I rank it up there with The Exorcist, Rosemary’s Baby, and The Omen. It is entertaining and you shouldn’t get bored if you are into Euro/Exploitation Horror. Click here to buy The Antichrist (1974) DVD

antichrist 1974

Behold the power of Lucifer! The Antichrist 1974 Movie

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The Antichrist 1974 Movie Review
The Antichrist 1974 (aka L'anticristo) is a Italian Exploitation Horror film directed by Alberto De Martino. The film can be considered a sleazier version of the Exorcist. Mel Ferrer, Arthur Kennedy, and Carla Gravina star in this shocking film.

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